Mortician's Pride - Embalming by Antonis Sideras


“If you were to ask a mortician what they value the most, what would they say? I imagine it would be the mortality of human kind.”

This limited edition of Mortician's Pride expands Sideras' rhetoric of accepting and appreciating the feelings we encounter throughout our time in this world. With the inclusion of 3 additional writings (Fear of my life, Palette Knife and Embalm me) and hand-embroidered details throughout the zine, this publication repurposes faulty prints which would have otherwise be discarded. Additional hand-made surprises await insides the zine.

Due to the nature of hand-embroidering paper, handling marks and small imperfections are to be expected (and add to this zine's character). The hand-embroidered details, along with the tones of the hand-dyed insert also vary with each copy.

Limited edition of 13 copies / 28 print pages / full colour / A5 (5.8” x 8.3”) / saddle stitched / hand-embroidered throughout / hand-dyed and embroidered paper insert featuring 3 hand-written poems

Ships worldwide from the artist in London, United Kingdom.

Price: £45.00 including postage