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La vie bohémienne #2 by Leanne Staples

La vie bohémienne #2 by Leanne Staples

La vie bohémienne is a series of 13 original photomontages. It is a revival of not only the style of dress but also of a lifestyle that is particular to bohemians. An outward expression of an inner sensibility.

Bohemianism was a very diverse artistic expression of mostly poor people. The bourgeoisie shunned them in the daylight hours and thoroughly enjoyed their entertainment in the evenings. Hence the expression slumming.

As a community of outcasts, they had a vibrant and expressive existence. It provided a sense of freedom from societal and economic constraints.

La vie bohémienne #2 is a limited edition photomontage print from a series of 13 photomontages. There are 5 prints and 2 artist's proofs. It is printed on 45 lb 8.5" x 11" matte photo paper.

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